Instead of Crashing – More Ways that Don’t Cost Anything


A Focus for Speed

What makes a Fast Project?
Being Early!

If your project needs more crashing, there are some little-known approaches that dramatically speed up projects.

If you need the speed, these techniques will get you there.  They are like the difference between a tricycle
and a bicycle.
A bicycle looks scary.  Yet once you ride it, it’s fast and

It’s the same for fast and easy project management.


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There is a statement that many project managers live by.  “If all of your tasks are on time, your project will be on time!”  Is this true?
Yes, BUT!  That’s a little yes and a big BUT.  Are you able to get all of your tasks done on time?  Has it ever happened?  Are you staking your career on it?

A Project is
A combination of
Dependent Events and
Statistical Fluctuations,
Convoluted by
Human Behavior and
purported to
accomplish a Goal.

Skip Reedy

There are more ways that don’t cost anything. Advanced (Secret) Techniques.

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